Dennis Haggerty

Dennis Haggerty is a Virginia entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of businesses. 

About Dennis Haggerty


Dennis Haggerty has humble beginnings. He was the first in his family to graduate from college, despite growing up in a rural area. He moved to Chicago to pursue his professional dreams after graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in accounting. Haggerty saw this Midwest city as an opportunity. He saw this business capital as a place where the American dream could be realized through hard work.

Dennis Haggerty is pursuing a number of professional objectives, including pharmacogenomics testing. This branch of medicine investigates how the body breaks down various medications. The metabolic process is critical in protecting patients from dangerous side effects, especially when it comes to genetics. It is especially beneficial for seniors, who may have comorbidities or conditions that cause adverse reactions. Haggerty is an innovator who is always looking for his next opportunity. He's built a degree of adaptability into his pursuits, so he's always prepared for what's ahead.

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